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Do you want to stop being vulnerable? Do you want to be in control of your own emotions and powers? Do you want no one and nothing to "annoy" you? Be more balanced?
Do you want to get rid of phobias? The beliefs that are blocking you? By harmful programming – own or induced by others (parents, school, society)?
Do you want to release the emotional blockages that cause phobias, dysfunctions, illnesses, ailments and diseases?
Would you like to have a pain 'management' method?
How about to (re)gain the reins of your own life?

It took me 2 years to recognize Brandon Bays as a master, one of the great spiritual masters of the world!
Here, in short, is what it is all about:

As far as I know "The Journey" is the only complete method of healing, which intimately and deeply addresses the psycho-somatic cause of a disturbing aspect in our life and goes as far as canceling / balancing it, unblocking chakras and stagnant energies: water, attachments / phobias / bad habits / vices, ADHD, ailments, illnesses, diseases.

Some time ago a young New Yorker, beautifullady, initiated into many spiritual directions and dedicated to them as a way of life, had a life-and-death experience.
She had a month to collaborate with her own being in order to stop a tumor from developing - or she was going to undergo a difficult, risky operation with a long recovery and an uncertain outcome...

She succeeded, and from this experience she managed to crystallize some steps to follow, the approach structure, a sequence of 'procedures' that she followed, and this was the first version of the method that later took the name of 'The Journey'.

This method, which brings together elements and techniques from many scientific and spiritual directions, managed to do a lot of good to those who trusted it and 'worked': it cured diseases, said to be incurable, brought children into the world where allopathic medicine took his hand (our little girl, Suria, is such a Journey baby), removed phobias or vices and many other things like that. It has extended the lives of many and / or increased the quality of life for many people.

Some would say that through this method everyone can access their own AKASHIC record and re-order the emotional, perhaps already physical, effects of relevant / traumatic moments, affecting all effects right up to the present life.

More clearly, here's what happens and how:

A Hamer-type emotional shock or, similar but long-lasting, a long emotional conflict, will cause, through an extremely precise and rigorous, scientifically proven mechanism, manifestations of these conflicts at the level of the physical body - somatization.

That is, some cellular blockages at levels determined by universal or personal symbolism, well documented by Dr. Hamer and all his disciples around the world.

They can be accessed by anyone, but especially by the subject in question, then identify the conflict or emotional shock, consciously re-live the situation, the circumstance that generated that blockage, and, through certain techniques at the disposal of the subject and the therapist, the initial blockage, root cause of unwanted somatizations, is dissolved. 

In other words, an emotional shock or conflict produces effects first on the cerebral cortex, then on the aura, then on the level of the physical body. This process can take decades or just days. By removing the cause, the effects will also disappear. So we could say that sufferings are removed and the state of well-being / health can be established.

Next up: a longer / better life!

In business terms the Journey has the effect of establishing and increasing clarity, improving vision and amplitude, defusing and uninstalling 'landing grounds' for lots of stimuli / triggers for inappropriate and / or unwanted reactions. Blockages that can be related to abundance, money, prosperity, love, respect are dissolved and removed. I mean fairly anything!

A must for a Journey practitioner to work with you is you to have read the book beforehand. Or listen to the audio-book version, read by Brandon in English or by Roxana Ioana MAI in the Romanian version.

The 'Journey' process, because that's what the client (you) interacting with the therapist (one of us) is called, takes about 1.5 - 2 hours and must be prepared by both and paid for by you. It can unfold in any quiet, more intimate / secluded place.

Have you read the book?

If you want to access to the audio version of the book 'The Journey' written by Brandon Bays - the English version, contact us!


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