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On the other side of complexity simplicity unveils

This site is built on plain html, after hackers finding a security weakness in the more sophisticated version of the site - and using it repeatedly.

I find it an example of how, going back to SIMPLICITY, to apparently rudimentary version of things, the basic, low level, really necessary ones will work, with the HUGE advantage of REMOVING layers of un-necessary burdening things and aspects, allowing a clear view of life at the level all these happen, engaging a better perspective and allowing things to unfold more freely, in much broader limits. Allowing a higher and way deeper level of engagement and committment.

Nowadays we, people, are used to be surrounded by fairly complex, sometimes complicated things - objects, concepts, science a.s.o. Many of these have the declared purpose of making our lives better, longer, healthier, happier, more effective and on and on!
What happens is that each of the layers, every single aspect of life from this vast spectrum has one or more 'puppet master', a person or organization, some hidden, some on sight, mastering the strings and intimate corners and processes of this realm, branch, industry, speciality a.s.o.

In fairly all aspects of our modern existence we build things based on what we assume is 'normal', obvious, well-known and so on. But those things are, very often, MISSING!
So, basically, things, quite often, are based on no-thing!
And here a re-defining, a new recalibration is required.
This has to rely in strong, accepted and time proven base / knowledge.

On the other side of complexity is simplicity.
The essence reveals itself under the magnifying glass of complexity.

From Complexity's ashes SIMPLICITY is born!