'FishEye Method®' - analysis, clarity and solutions for your business, project and product! [en]
Paul Gabor Iliescu

'FishEye Method®' - analysis, clarity and solutions for your business, project and product! [en]

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You do everything you need to do and the results are shi...ty?

Tired of plodding along no matter how hard you try?

Do you see how others pass in front of you, even if you do everything?

Do you feel like you're not growing, even though you're acting?

Do you want to unlock & unleash – yourself and your business?

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Are you developing or already have a project - product, service or activity - offered to the market?
Do you want to increase the impact that your project - product, service or activity - has on the market?
Do you have a new project - product, service or activity - that you want to put on the market?

The 'Fish Eye Method®' brings you clarity, brings to light and provides you with the necessary elements for a correct, current and real understanding of your subject, then providing the right and perfect input data for marketing, communication and go-to-market strategy : presentation, promotion and sale !

The 'FishEye Method® ' is a holistic way of analyzing and approaching a business, project or product, and the result of this analysis includes clarity, vision and concrete solutions / measures to increase the relevant impact in real life and on the business account.

The 'FishEye Method® ' provides a comprehensive and deep perspective of the analyzed theme, which include elements on

  • The FEPA_M method brings clarity in essential, practical aspects related to the company, project or product: technical, user, market-related, benefits, interested groups, with impact on internal processes, promotion and addressing of the product on the market and communications related to the product, project or company.
  • FEPA_M is an original and complex method for the (re)analysis of a product, company or project with a view to the correct positioning on the market, in internal and external communication, within the internal and external environment, and a clear, accurate, precise and effective addressing of messages and marketing and promotional campaigns. It is the basis for developing strategies.

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Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?

  • Manufacturers have gaps / difficulties in correctly positioning the product on the market as a message and address, sometimes even to their own collaborators or resellers / distributors;
  • Importers / distributors / [re]sellers of a product do not know it well enough to present it to a prospect in minimum time with maximum efficiency;
  • Communicators – marketing, promotion, advertising, mass – & social media – do not capture and convey the key aspects of the product that may resonate with the potential customer or user
  • Field people – coordinators, salespeople, key account managers or showroom salespeople have difficulties and limitations in presenting the product succinctly and completely in the client's focus windows (between phone calls, discussions, others);
  • Is your product's penetration, growth or decline stage a challenge?
  • Service providers - therapists, consultants & other professional categories - do not intuit or do not really and completely know what the products / services offered offer and the benefits for customers / patients;
  • External communications - offers, press materials and articles & posts on the internet and social media do not have the expected results, nor the expected impact;
  • The presentation in the work points omits essential details and does not capitalize on key elements;
  • The company owners / sales or communication managers are in the situation of knowing incompletely or not at all the products from the dynamically formed portfolio, often at the request of the market, by (other) departments in the company;
  • The offeror on a market of products or services does not just and perfectly address all customer segments or interested groups / promoters / influencers;
  • Communication between departments - 'internal marketing' - overlooks a key aspect that could offer solutions to streamline distribution, communication or increase sales;
  • There are gaps in the correct positioning relative to all interested groups and adaptation to market realities;
  • In-house and reseller trainings are incomplete – they lack basic, low-level knowledge of the product itself or essential processes related to it;
  • Product promoters lose sight of the essential benefits of the product and the market demands it satisfies – the problems it solves;
  • The product is capped over time; interest in it is decreasing, sales are decreasing - it needs to be revitalized by a new perspective and approach;
  • Product presentations in different environments are ineffective;
  • Market conditions and constraints change, beneficiaries' expectations change, competition has new strategies, legislative approaches are no longer the same - the strategy must be updated urgently, completely and correctly.

If you feel any of the above or similar situations painfully, then I suggest setting up a personal or virtual meeting.

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How the FishEye® method works:

The 'Fish Eye®' method is the bridge between business and spirituality, it is bringing the energy of the protectors of various types of business - or activities - and a meeting of analysis and 'brainstorming' in an energetically prepared environment.
Duration of work with the client: 2.5 – 3 hours in one or two sessions.

  • moderator and 1-3 people from the 'project', product/service side - maximum 3 p.;
  • it is preferable that the participants are knowledgeable about the project (product, service, activity), maybe management or even initiators, with experience in the field;
  • ideally, if more than one person from the company participates, there should be both men and women;
  • an open working framework – location and approach – helps the quality of this process.

The approach is complex, yet natural, and in elaboration integrity, truth, equidistance and trust are welcome, creating a constructive flow that ensures the quality and practicality of the results.

This is an innovative, creative and deep method of analysis and is based on:

  • knowing the intentions and expectations of the company;
  • knowing the reality and needs of the beneficiaries;
  • knowledge of project capabilities – product, service or activity;
  • knowing the environment in which the product is sold and then used and understanding their mechanisms;
  • the reason - vision, purpose, values ​​- for creating the 'project' and its purpose in perspective.

The result of the application of his method is a set of parameters, descriptions and enumerations that somehow restore the perception of the product and give the direction and the 'input' level for marketing, communication and sales and the next stages of the project.

The 'Fish Eye Method®' can be applied either once or periodically or as needed .

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What you will get after applying the 'Fish Eye Method®':

  • greater CLARITY and DEPTH in all aspects of the product:
    • purpose and utility;
    • key benefits for various markets;
    • beneficiary categories and 'Fish Eye Method®';
    • markets not currently addressed;
    • ways and strategies to approach new markets;
    • terms and keywords;
    • directions for marketing and sales strategies;
    • ideas for product development;
    • ideas and differences in structure when developing their training materials for their own staff and resellers;
    • the most appropriate marketing mix model to apply.
  • a broad vision of the company:
    • the degree and efficiency of asset utilization; necessary additions and changes
    • gaps and gaps in know-how, as it is currently perceived
    • keys to improving staff skills
    • customer portfolio development directions
    • re-evaluating brands and trade names and product or company image

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