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About Us

Our Story

From our experience – own and our customers – we have created, adapted and improved tools to be the best in making you the best!

We have deeply learned that in the space of truth is only one way to survive and thrive: being truth, allowing the one in front of you to have his dreams, his needs and allowing him to master express his half of the relation.

And first of all, a common language and understanding has to be there for a common success to arise.

So, here is where our work begins and unfolds. To find the three-party balance, the win-win-win / happy – happy – happy state of business.

Why we are different


Our goal is to make money being a team with you. This means that you will make this money. And this is only possible if your client is happy and willing to pay.
Again. And again.

We ask questions that will reveal the best success solutions and resources available for your project.

So, this is only one of the reasons that keeps us deeply committed in this.

Super Efficient

All the tools we developed for you or we simply apply in working with and for you are proven as very effective, 'human readable' and easy to use & successfully implement.

Deeply Commited

Our success is driven by yours, so we are more than in it! With a reasonable ad fair working quantity agreed, we support you and we drive you to success. Every day!

Highly Skilled

The team involved in this project is more than qualified, each in his branch, with his detail and 'holistic' view. All of them have a strong international expertise..

paul gabor iliescu - canal 33 photo - square

Paul Gabor - Iliescu

Operation Turntable Guy

Ionuț Purica


Roxana Gabor Iliescu - zeita comunicarii

Roxana Gabor - Iliescu


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